Ending a friendship is never fun and never easy. But sometimes it may be necessary to cut ties with a friend, especially if you find yourself in an unhealthy situation. So what are some ways you can make sure you are taking care of yourself if you found it necessary to walk away?

Give Grace

It can be easy to place blame on yourself or the other person. Try to resist that and work on forgiving yourself, and the other person. Take all the time and space you need to do so. 

Immerse Yourself in You

Whether it’s your closest friend or a casual acquaintance, there may be a missing piece in your life that they filled with their presence. Take time to fill that with the things and people in your life that make you happy. 


Take some time to reflect on the relationship and what you may have learned about yourself and what you want from new friendships.

One of the benefits of making the difficult choice to end a friendship is that you take some valuable lessons from it. It also creates the opportunity to make awesome new friends with the knowledge about what you are looking for in a friend. Keep in mind that change is normal and can be a total positive as you grow and find new people to support you along the way. 

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