The way students were able to ask questions and discuss schoolwork with their teachers back in March seems like a breeze compared to the options today. 

A pointer finger touches the question mark key on a keyboard. Black and white filter shades photo.

Now, the answers to our questions lie between us and a screen. Students may be starting to feel like it is impossible to get the help they need from teachers, parents, and other adults they may know. Luckily, we can access so much technology, and connecting with people can happen instantly.

There are some tips and tricks related to connection that I have picked up as I have been e-learning. Here are some of my most used ideas — maybe some of these will work for you, too.

  • School emails may seem useless sometimes, but they can be one of the most efficient and useful tools for communicating with teachers. Sometimes, I find that I have questions about my homework or assignments I am doing, so I send my teacher an email. My teachers usually respond to me pretty quickly and are more than happy to help no matter what the question is. When emailing your teachers, it helps to be polite and use a professional email format. 
  • Office hours may not be something you thought to use before COVID-19, but students who have questions or don’t understand the class work will get a lot out of office hours. In my experience, teachers can often give students more help face to face, I understand what they explain better when I talk to them and can get the help I need during office hours. They are definitely worth giving a try if available!
  • Remember that you can ask your parents or guardians for help too; they have gone to school before and may be able to suggest some helpful tips or solutions of their own. Sometimes, my parents help me to understand the assignment in a different way than I did before asking. Anyone who you trust can give help with schoolwork if you need it, and you may even learn more than you knew before.

Staying connected is key when it comes to your learning, and finding ways to do so is not as scary as it seems. Everyone is in this together and more than open to getting you the help you need if you connect with them and let them know.