When you combine social media with the social jungle that is being a teen rumors are (unfortunately) a thing that we all come across.

They can make us stressed and hurt our relationships. If you’re dealing with a rumor about you or a friend, here are a couple of ideas to help: 

Try not to take it personally.

People who spread rumors may be going through something themselves –they may be insecure, bored, or depressed. In other words,  it may not be about you.

Respond quickly with the truth.

Stand up for yourself by telling the truth and spreading it to friends and others around you. If it involves another person, enlist their help to disprove it.

Wait it out.

As with most things, it may take time for a rumor to die down. But it will fade. Make sure to surround yourself with positive friendships in the meantime.

Try to hang around people who don’t spread rumors, and who will have your back when someone says something hurtful or untrue. Connect with those who know you best – in or out of school – to make sure you remember who you are and that you are cared for.