We exist to help every young person in our state feel more connected and lead healthier lives through one key factor: great relationships. 

Healthy friendships and a strong community make life more meaningful — and fun.

No matter where you are or how you feel today, we’re here to help you connect and remind you that you’re not alone. Connection is always possible.

Our Leading Organizations

Forward Together is a collaboration between the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Colorado Department of Human Services.

These organizations are doing this, because research shows that supporting young people in building better relationships with their peers, parents and other adults they trust empowers them to make safer and healthier life choices.

Our Youth Contributors

This website isn’t like others you’ve seen. It’s being developed by young people, for young people. Every day, young people from across Colorado are sharing their stories, photos and art to support their peers.

It’s up to us to create a more connected Colorado and to create the healthy, connected lives we want to live.

Youth Advisors Bella Chacon and Lindsey Kenyon made sure youth voices were heard every step of the way to launch and Victoria De Leon is continuing the work.

More than 60 young people from across Colorado participated in the YConnect Panel, including:

  • Aidan Gould
  • Alfonso C.
  • Amelia Scott
  • Amy Cerna Sanchez
  • Annalysa C.
  • Belén Roof
  • Ben Carino
  • Charlie W.
  • Daniel Riggin
  • Dawcett Henderson
  • Ellery LeMire
  • Ellie Weien
  • Emma G.
  • Ethan Reed
  • Faith A.
  • Faith Carino
  • Gabrielle French
  • Isaac Rivera
  • Jessica Yang
  • Kallie T.
  • Kiki Lettovska
  • Lauren Peregoy
  • Lindsey Slama
  • Lindy Z.
  • Mahala Hensley
  • Makaila P.
  • Molly Ward
  • Mya E.
  • Natnael M.
  • Peniel O.
  • Porter M.
  • Raina Ward
  • Saloni Agarwal
  • Samson K.
  • Shea C.
  • Talia Richard-Lande
  • Tarun Amasa
  • Theo Krueger
  • Tyler M.
  • Zoie P.

Thanks to the middle and high school students from Aurora, Colorado Springs, Denver, Durango, Eagle and Pueblo who participated in focus groups and the young people from across Colorado who make up the Youth Partnership for Health.

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