This is for anybody who is about to start over at some point in their life. Starting over might mean moving houses, schools or even starting a new job.  

Growing up a military child, I have had to move nine times. To this day, I absolutely love it, but it wasn’t always that way. I used to hate having to leave behind all of my friends and everything I grew comfortable having.  

Always being the new kid at school felt so isolating. Everybody seemed to know something that I didn’t, or everybody already seemed to have their friend groups.  

It always took so long before I finally got settled in with my new friends and my surroundings.  

But here’s the important part: I did get settled with my surroundings, and I did make new friends.  

Every time I thought no one would want to be my friend or that I would never find people who made me feel at home, I was wrong.  

When I realized that I always felt more nervous about the possibilities than what the reality would be, my mindset about moving changed. I started to see moving as a fresh start and an opportunity for growth and new connections.  

Although you might be nervous or afraid of what’s to come, wherever you go, you can find a sense of belonging.  

Once you take a look at your surroundings, when you look at the people who are around you, when you get to know them, when you connect with them, when you spend time with your community, you’ll realize there are a lot of people out there rooting for you.  

You have a whole bunch of people who have your back and who support you. Sometimes, all it takes is to introduce yourself and meet them. 

Gianny Venegas

Gianny Venegas is 19 years old and attends CU Boulder.