“We Are All Connected” by Mahala Dallas 

This piece I made underlines the nature of the connection between community members. It’s inspired by conversations I had with three strangers in my community.

After talking with each of them, I found a few connecting factors. It was then that I realized that it can be extremely easy to find connections between people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds! 

My art piece starts with Bill in the top left. He’s a teen in my neighborhood who loves to fish and cook for his family.

Liz, in the top right, is a teenager in my town who identifies as Latinx. She loves to bake and create artwork. 

On the bottom is Lola, an 8-year-old girl who loves to catch bugs by the river. She also loves to express herself through drawing.

As you can see, while these three people are different on the surface and have their own unique interests, they also have similar interests.  

It’s possible that you might notice the same thing if you observe the people in your community. Lots of people have hidden similarities that we can’t uncover until we get to know one another.  

Sometimes it’s hard to make new friends, but you can start by finding a connection. It might be as simple as a love for drawing! Here are some things I found helpful in finding connections between people: 

  1. People who are similar in age are often associated with the same groups and activities. You might be able to find a strong bond in the activities you enjoy. 
  2. It can be hard to approach new people, but starting with a simple “hello” and creating a conversation can help both of you open up to friendship.  
  3. It can be difficult to overcome anxiety about talking to new people. But often, others deal with the same problems. You trying to open up first is a good step in finding other people to connect with. 

You can find connections anywhere. Try going to a local park and having a conversation with a stranger whose shoes you like or join a new group that you’re interested in.  

For example, I am involved in a local writer’s exchange program where I have met many wonderful people who are interested in what I’m interested in.  

You can find connections anywhere.  Sometimes, you just have to look!