Over the past year, many of my friendships have deteriorated due to a lack of in-person contact. Many of my friendships have become somewhat unhealthy so I want to try and rebuild those relationships.

A healthy relationship includes honesty, trust, forgiveness, and an openness to listen to each other. A goal I have this year is to build healthier relationships with my friends.

I’ve noticed one of the things I tend to do a lot is control the conversations and not let my friends talk. While some people like that, others don’t get to talk, and while it’s unintentional, that can be hurtful. I have also kept secrets from my friends and I want to do a better job at trusting my friends with information knowing that since they are my friend they will be okay with it. 

I’m going to take a look at my circle of friendships and pick three that I want to try to work on. Then I will try to improve those friendships by spending quality time with them, letting them talk more, and trying to learn more about them. If I can’t see a friend face to face, I will facetime or call them and wherever possible hang out with them at parks or outside. I will do this over the course of a month, and each week I will reflect on how our friendship changed.