Unmasking the Hype: How Teens Can Help Each Other Kick the Vape

Being a teen is a time of so much discovery and can mean experimenting with all sorts of different things like our style, friend groups, or musical tastes. But sometimes, those experiments can lead our friends down the wrong path – like picking up a vaping habit.  

Here’s the thing: everyone handles stuff differently. Sometimes, we get caught up in things that take the good vibes away, like feeling down or dealing with pressure. Vaping can feel like a temporary escape, but it’s like chewing a super sweet candy – the sugar rush only lasts so long, and then you might feel even worse.  

Although it might seem like vaping is common, most Colorado youth actually don’t vape. But, if you’ve got a friend who’s struggling to quit, here are some tips on how to support them.

  1. Be their Open Ears: Sometimes, just having someone listen without judgment can make a huge difference. Let your friend know you’re there for them no matter what, and that you understand quitting may be tough. Be their chill zone where they can vent without worry. Avoid being judgmental and express your concern for their health and well-being. 
  2. Find the Fun Again: Remember those epic adventures you always have? Dust off those plans! Whether it’s conquering the skatepark, exploring a hidden mural, or blasting tunes at a karaoke night, remind your friend that real-life fun is WAY more stress-relieving than any vape cloud. 

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  1. Be the Hype Squad: When they reach for that vape, be the cheerleader for their healthy choices. Offer a fist bump, a high five, or a goofy dance – anything to celebrate their small victories. Every step away from a vape cloud is a win! 
  2. Talk it Out (Chill Style): If you're really worried, try a casual chat. Not like "OMG you NEED to QUIT," but more like "Hey, I noticed you've been vaping a lot lately. Is everything okay?" Let them know you care and you're there to help if they want it.  

Forward Together Tip: Did you know that nearly all vape products contain nicotine, which is super addictive? Flavored vapes might seem harmless, but the chemicals used to create those tasty flavors can actually cause damage. Learn the facts together! Check out our resource to come prepared.

  1. Encourage Professional Support: If things are really challenging, suggest seeking help from a trusted adult, school counselor, or My Life, My Quit – a great free resource for teens looking to kick the habit. Text Start My Quit" to 36072 to chat with a Coach. 
Remember: Being a great friend isn't about fixing everything. It's about showing you care, offering support, and reminding them that they're awesome enough to rock through ANY challenge. You've got this!


Forward Together Team

We are the Forward Together Team - a group of youth and adults that work together to help every young person in our state feel more connected and lead healthier lives through one key factor: great relationships.