One of my goals this year is to enhance my relationship with my best friend by sharing music with her.

My friend and I have very similar tastes in music and send each other songs all the time. However, the songs we send each other get forgotten about most of the time and never get listened to. 

Since we are unable to get together because of COVID-19, I felt like this was the ideal time to share music so that we can have something to listen to when we can hang out again safely. Every day for a month, I will send her at least one song and listen to all the songs she sends me. At the end of the month, I will set up a playlist we can share. We can include songs we already both like plus some of the songs we have discovered through each other. 

Album cover collage

My art piece contains a Spotify code to a playlist I made of some songs we have shared with each other so far!

If you want to listen, below is a link to the playlist – just paste it into a web browser and you can listen, even if you do not have a Spotify account.

Click to listen

Most of the songs on the playlist are by artists we both like or that we think each other would enjoy. I put Heather by Conan Gray on the playlist because my friend does not listen to his music, but I think she would like him and this song.

There are quite a few songs from the Pentatonix on this playlist because we both really enjoy their music. My best friend introduced them to me when they first came out, and we have been fans since then. We have very similar music tastes, so this seemed like a great way to bond and discover some new music together.

I’m excited to see how this connection through music will make our friendship stronger!