I get real lonely sometimes

It sets in my bones

It aches and it hurts

And it scares me

But because I’ve become so accustomed to it

I can curl up with it and bed and feel a little bit colder

But never really mind,

Seeing as these days

The night gets longer as the light fades slowly 

Sometimes I worry

That I should worry more 

About this thing that is less like a shadow trailing me

And more like a part of me

I see all these people

Happy, jolly people 

And I realize

What I’m missing,

What I’m craving-

I’m craving community, 

Longing for my people 

You know,

The ones in corners and cracks

The ones is books and in clubs at night 

The folks who throw the bricks and raise their fists

You know,

The people 

If you are a part of the pack

And if you don’t know us,

Welcome in

We hope you find yourself-

The person you are looking for through all this searching

And when you do,

It takes a little edge 

Off a lot of loneliness

Invites you to stare at yourself in the mirror

And whisper,

To all the parts,

Dark and luminous,

To all the stretches and shrinks

Pathways of growth

Paved by your journey,

Cupped and drizzled in hope

To tell them

“I love you.”

I see you.